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  • Basic Cat Care provides advice and information on caring for your Cat or Cats. We help you to deal with Living with your Cat
  • Basic Cat Care articles which will enable you as a Cat Owner to care for your cat
  • There are numerous foods, household products and other items that cats can have allergic reactions too. Cat allergies can be treated in much the same way as humans.
  • Do the legs of your furniture bear the claw marks of your cat? Is scratching the furniture abnormal? If so, as part of Caring for your Cat you may want to consider trimming your cat’s claws.
  • Cleaning Cat messes advice. Dealing with Cat Urine, Cat Feces, Cat Vomit, Cat Spray
  • Dealing with Cat Ailments including Fleas, Urinary Tract problems, Overactive thyroid, Diabetes and Hairballs
  • Advice on Litter box Training your Cat or your Kitten
  • Learn about a kitten’s basic needs and how to help your kitten grow into a happy, healthy adult cat
  • Kitten Development. Learn about the major milestones in the development of a Kitten, and how you can help the process along as you are Caring for your Cat
  • Dealing with your Cat and Behaviour Problems such as Clawing
  • Learn aboutwhat will make your life as a new cat owner a lot easier. These include a Cat Carrier, Cat Scratching Post, Cat Litter Box and Cat Toys amongst others.
  • Caring for your Cat. Cats need the proper nutrients to grow, develop, and have energy to play and purr.